Produktlinien: Expert
Module: Leistung & CRM
Erstellt: 11.11.2016, Änderung: 11.10.2016
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Contains a list of selectable items


TabbedListBoxItems appear as tabs


AppearanceStringCan be set to change visual styling. Possible values will be shown in the Appearances section if availablenull--
FlexWidthIntegerHow flexible the control's width can be made in relation to the other controls of the same parent10100
HorizontalAlignmentHorizontalAlignment Determines how the control is horizontally sized and positioned relative to its containing controlsStretch--
ItemsString[]Collection used to generate the contentnull--
LinesIntegerNumber of items to be shown initially0--
SelectedIndexIntegerGets or sets the value of the selected item-1--
VerticalAlignmentVerticalAlignment Determines how the control is vertically sized and positioned relative to its containing controlStretch--
VisibleBooleanWhether the control is visible or notTrue--
VisibleExpressionStringExpression used for the Visible propertynull--
WidthDoubleFixed width of the controlNaN--
WidthFractionDoubleThe control width in relation to his layout width.101