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Module: Leistung & CRM
Erstellt: 22.12.2015, Änderung:
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Column of a DataGrid


BackgroundColorStringConverts a hex (A)RGB string (e.g. #99FFEE00) to the representative background color#00FFFFFF--
BindingControllerTypeBindingControllerType BindingControllerType propertyNone--
ContentAlignmentAlignment Specifies alignment of contentLeft--
ConverterConverterType Converter to format the valueNone--
DisplayTypeDataGridColumnDisplayType Sets the editor typeLabel--
EditControlNameStringName of the edit controlnull--
EditControlNameXmlStringXML definition of a edit controlnull--
ExpressionStringResults of this OCL expression evaluation will be set as items sourcenull--
GroupHeaderStringText above normal header. If two or more columns with the same GroupHeader get next to one another, the cells will be mergednull--
HeaderStringColumn header which will be displayed at the very top""--
IsCascadedBooleanIf cascading is used for the value bindingFalse--
IsFixedBooleanIf true, the column does not scroll with the other columns but stays fixed to the leftFalse--
IsReadOnlyBooleanWhether this column is read-only on all cellsFalse--
IsSummedBooleanIf column is summableFalse--
IsTabStopBooleanIndicates whether or not the control is included in tab navigationTrue--
MaxLengthIntegerThe maximum number of characters0--
TextColorStringConverts a hex (A)RGB string (e.g. #99FFEE00) to the representative text color#FF000000--
WidthDoubleSets the width of the element75--