A control for tabular representation of objects. For more information about its columns see ColumnDefinition.







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Erstellt: 21.12.2015
Aktualisiert: 26.04.2018

A control for tabular representation of objects. For more information about its columns see ColumnDefinition


AllowResizeColumnsBooleanWhether or not columns are resizableFalse--
AllowSearchBooleanWhether or not column search is enabledFalse--
AllowSelectionBooleanWhether or not multiple rows can be selectedTrue--
AllowSortBooleanWhether or not sort is enabledFalse--
AppearanceStringCan be set to change visual styling. Possible values will be shown in the Appearances section if availablenull--
ColumnDefinitionsColumnDefinition[] Defines how each column should look and behavenull--
FillLastColumnBooleanFills the width of the last column to match the DataGridFalse--
FlexWidthIntegerHow flexible the control's width can be made in relation to the other controls of the same parent10100
HasGhostRowBooleanSpecifies whether or not the DataGrid has a ghost rowFalse--
HeaderSizeHeaderSize Sets the dimension of the header cellNormal--
HorizontalAlignmentHorizontalAlignment Determines how the control is horizontally sized and positioned relative to its containing controlsStretch--
InfoTextStringText displayed over the control""--
IsInactiveExpressionStringIsInactiveExpression propertynull--
IsInvalidExpressionStringIsInvalidExpression propertynull--
IsInvalidHintExpressionStringIsInvalidHintExpression propertynull--
ListExpressionStringExpression used for value providingnull--
RowCountIntegerNumber of visible rows10--
ScrollToGhostRowBooleanSpecifies whether or not the ghost row initialy should be selectedTrue--
ShowHorizontalScrollbarBooleanWhether or not a horizontal scrollbar should be shownTrue--
VerticalAlignmentVerticalAlignment Determines how the control is vertically sized and positioned relative to its containing controlStretch--
VisibleBooleanWhether the control is visible or notTrue--
VisibleExpressionStringExpression used for the Visible propertynull--
WidthDoubleFixed width of the controlNaN--
WidthFractionDoubleThe control width in relation to his layout width.101
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