A set of features that can be enabled and provide access to different aspects of Vertec


AdditionalFields Enum AdditionalFields description
AddressPair Enum Create pairs
Approvals Enum Approvals description
Benchmarking Enum Benchmarking description
BenchmarkingReports Enum BenchmarkingReports description
BudgetChanges Enum BudgetChanges description
ClassSettingsExtensions Enum ClassSettingsExtensions description
CommunicationMeans Enum Define new means of communication
Constraints Enum Constraints description
Currency Enum Currency description
CustomLinks Enum CustomLinks description
FolderIx Enum FolderIx description
Generators Enum Generators description
InvoiceManipulation Enum InvoiceManipulation description
LanguageNew Enum LanguageNew description
LinkTypes Enum LinkTypes description
Phases Enum Phases description
PhasesStatus Enum PhasesStatus description
ProcessorBudget Enum ProcessorBudget description
ProcessorDebtor Enum ProcessorDebtor description
ProjectBudget Enum ProjectBudget description
ProjectType Enum ProjectType description
ProjectTypeProduct Enum ProjectTypeProduct description
PurchasePositions Enum PurchasePositions description
Purchases Enum Purchases description
Resources Enum Resources description
RightsExpressions Enum RightsExpressions description
Salary Enum Salary description
ScriptEntry Enum ScriptEntry description
ServiceTypePhaseLink Enum ServiceTypePhaseLink description
SubfolderCompare Enum SubfolderCompare description
Subphases Enum Subphases description
TeamleaderSubstitute Enum TeamleaderSubstitute description
UnitService Enum UnitService description

21.12.2015 | 21.11.2015