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Appearance String Can be set to change visual styling. Possible values will be shown in the Appearances section if available null - -
FlexWidth Integer How flexible the control's width can be made in relation to the other controls of the same parent 1 0 100
HasFocus Boolean Whether or not the page is focused False - -
Header String Page title displayed on the very top "" - -
HorizontalAlignment HorizontalAlignment Determines how the control is horizontally sized and positioned relative to its containing controls Stretch - -
LabelWidth Double The width of the label part of this control or its subcontrols (if they don't override this value) in device-indepentent pixels 105 - -
ShowErrors Boolean ShowErrors property False - -
ShowSystemToolTips Boolean ShowSystemToolTips property False - -
VerticalAlignment VerticalAlignment Determines how the control is vertically sized and positioned relative to its containing control Stretch - -
Visible Boolean Whether the control is visible or not True - -
VisibleExpression String Expression used for the Visible property null - -
Width Double Fixed width of the control NaN - -
WidthFraction Double The control width in relation to his layout width. 1 0 1

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Module: Leistung & CRM
Apps: Desktop App, Web App, Cloud App