A control for tabular representation of objects. For more information about its columns see ColumnDefinition


AllowResizeColumns Boolean Whether or not columns are resizable False - -
AllowSearch Boolean Whether or not column search is enabled False - -
AllowSelection Boolean Whether or not multiple rows can be selected True - -
AllowSort Boolean Whether or not sort is enabled False - -
Appearance String Can be set to change visual styling. Possible values will be shown in the Appearances section if available null - -
ColumnDefinitions ColumnDefinition[] Defines how each column should look and behave null - -
FillLastColumn Boolean Fills the width of the last column to match the DataGrid False - -
FlexWidth Integer How flexible the control's width can be made in relation to the other controls of the same parent 1 0 100
HasGhostRow Boolean Specifies whether or not the DataGrid has a ghost row False - -
HeaderSize HeaderSize Sets the dimension of the header cell Normal - -
HorizontalAlignment HorizontalAlignment Determines how the control is horizontally sized and positioned relative to its containing controls Stretch - -
InfoText String Text displayed over the control "" - -
IsInactiveExpression String IsInactiveExpression property null - -
IsInvalidExpression String IsInvalidExpression property null - -
IsInvalidHintExpression String IsInvalidHintExpression property null - -
ListExpression String Expression used for value providing null - -
RowCount Integer Number of visible rows 10 - -
ScrollToGhostRow Boolean Specifies whether or not the ghost row initialy should be selected True - -
ShowHorizontalScrollbar Boolean Whether or not a horizontal scrollbar should be shown True - -
VerticalAlignment VerticalAlignment Determines how the control is vertically sized and positioned relative to its containing control Stretch - -
Visible Boolean Whether the control is visible or not True - -
VisibleExpression String Expression used for the Visible property null - -
Width Double Fixed width of the control NaN - -
WidthFraction Double The control width in relation to his layout width. 1 0 1

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