Value converters can be used to convert data from one type to another. They may also implement custom logic


BooleanNegator Enum Negates a boolean
DateDateTime Enum DateDateTime description
DateTime Enum DateTime description
Default Enum Default description
Different Enum Compares two values. Returns true if they are not equal.
Equals Enum Compares two values. Returns true if both equal the same.
Float Enum Float description
FractionalMinutes Enum FractionalMinutes description
GrantDeny Enum GrantDeny description
HoursDecimalMinutes Enum HoursDecimalMinutes description
HoursMinutes Enum HoursMinutes description
IntToBoolean Enum IntToBoolean description
IntToBooleanNegator Enum IntToBooleanNegator description
InvariantBoolean Enum InvariantBoolean description
Logger Enum Logger description
LongDate Enum LongDate description
Minutes Enum Minutes description
MinutesAsTime Enum MinutesAsTime description
MultiString Enum MultiString description
NoRoundMinutes Enum NoRoundMinutes description
None Enum None description
NullableFalse Enum NullableFalse description
NullableFalseNegator Enum NullableFalseNegator description
NullableTrue Enum NullableTrue description
NullableTrueNegator Enum NullableTrueNegator description
Percent Enum Percent description
ProjectDescription Enum ProjectDescription description
Rate Enum Rate description
TimeDateTime Enum TimeDateTime description
Translation Enum Translation description
WeekTime Enum WeekTime description

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